Yesterday we entered the Olivander’s Wand Shop in Universal California. With a group of about 25 people we were all positioned against the wall by the assistant. Your father and I hoped one of you boys would be chosen as the special guest to have a wand fitted to you. The wand chose you, my first born son. Watching you go through this amazing experience, your eyes lit up.

You are now 12 years old. What the keeper of the shop did not know is:

You are the boy that saved me first.

You were the boy that saw me ugly cry the whole first year.

You were the boy that wiped my tears and told me “I don’t like that face, please stop crying Mommy” at age three.

You were the boy that turned to jokes to make me laugh so I wouldn’t cry.

You were the life in my soul.

You were the only boy that went through the horrible tragedy of losing your father with me.

When the witch helped you find the perfect fit, I saw your eyes begin to blink, my sensitive boy, I know you were fighting back tears. Mine came rolling down my face. Tears of pride and happiness that she chose you!

You read all of the Harry Potter books and enjoyed seeing each movie after finishing the book.

That experience was so special and meaningful for you. I am blessed to have been there to watch the magic my boy.

The woman who picked you for that experience has no idea what an amazing young man you truly are. However the words she spoke were so accurate and meant just for y-o-u.

With horse hair, this wand is meant for a person who is so loyal to his friends and family. Son, you are incredibly loyal to your friends and peers. Whether it is sitting with the child who sits alone at lunch, to being best friends with the boy who couldn’t find his voice and purposefully not associating with the mean kids. The wand chose you.

My boy I love you with my whole heart, and am thankful our tragic loss shaped you for the better and you came out a more powerful person.



August 18, 2019